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The Locusview-Esri Partnership Increases the Value of Your ArcGIS Platform Investment

Utility Operations

Optimize Your Utility Operations With Locusview and Esri's Partnership

We are proud to highlight our partnership with Esri and the tremendous value it offers to Esri users. As a trusted member of the Esri Partner Network, Locusview is dedicated to delivering seamless integration and exceptional benefits for our joint customers in the realm of construction operations and GIS. By collaborating closely with Esri, we have created a comprehensive solution that empowers Esri-based utilities with an end-to-end digital workflow. From design to construction execution to closeout, our partnership ensures a streamlined and efficient process, enabling utilities to make the most of their Esri investment. By leveraging our expertise in Digital Construction Management, we assist utilities in shortening construction lifecycles, accelerating asset deployment, and maintaining high-fidelity data in their Esri Utility Network. Our collaboration with Esri demonstrates our commitment to providing industry-leading solutions and enhancing the digital transformation of utility construction projects. Together, we are dedicated to driving innovation and delivering unparalleled value to Esri users in the utility sector. Locusview’s Esri ArcGIS System Ready Specialty status gives customers the confidence that Locusview’s solution is aligned with the latest Esri technology and best practices.

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“We are excited that Locusview has strengthened its partnership with Esri as reflected in the newly developed Locusview Connect for ArcGIS Pro tool. Our integration between Locusview’s Digital Construction Management platform and the ArcGIS System will further enhance our utility customers’ mobile experience, not just at the point of data capture, but through to the QA/QC process as utilities update their core Esri System of Record with new digital assets.”

Jeff Rashid

Director of Global Business Development

Utilities & Telecommunications at Esri

Esri ArcGIS Benefits

Unlocking Added Benefits from your Esri ArcGIS Platform: Locusview's Partnership Enhances the Digital Construction Management Platform

Locusview's partnership with Esri brings exciting advantages to Locusview users. Experience seamless integration, streamlined workflows, and enhanced data management within Locusview's Digital Construction Management platform. Say goodbye to manual data entry and maximize the value of your GIS investment with Locusview's comprehensive solution and these key features.

  • Esri Security Model: Leverage Esri’s Named User Authentication model for user authentication
  • Feature Service: Sync as-built data to your Esri system of record using Esri Feature Services, ensuring accuracy and maintaining a single source of truth.
  • Dynamic Maps: Stream existing Esri data into the Locusview app, providing real-time access to existing infrastructure, enhancing safety, and expediting project closeouts.
  • Esri Basemaps: View your Esri maps directly within the Locusview app, leveraging familiar mapping resources for improved visualization and decision-making.
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Effortlessly Integrate Work Orders: LocusviewCONNECT for ArcGIS Pro

LocusviewCONNECT for ArcGIS Pro is an essential add-in that brings the power of Locusview work order data into the desktop GIS editor environment. This seamless integration empowers GIS editors to efficiently validate and incorporate work order data into the Esri Geodatabase, eliminating manual processes and reducing errors while enforcing data validation and network rules. By leveraging LocusviewCONNECT, utility companies can streamline their workflows, enhance data accuracy, and improve collaboration between field operations and GIS teams, significantly reducing their mapping backlog. With the ability to validate and seamlessly integrate work order data, LocusviewCONNECT for ArcGIS Pro optimizes utility operations, ensuring the reliability and integrity of geospatial information.

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