Lightning-Fast Workflows

Turning a 9-Months
Process Into 24 Hours

Increase Productivity
& Drive Efficiency

Locusview's solutions improve operational efficiency and data management, enabling faster work order delivery, accurate data, protected timelines and margins, and optimal resource allocation. This results in improved confidence, planning, and collaboration for all stakeholders.

Protect Profits and
Reduce Costs

Locusview protects profits and reduces costs by addressing high CWIP/AFUDC balances, inaccurate billing, penalties, excavation damages, and 3rd party vendor costs. The result will be faster asset capitalization, dispute resolution, better compliance, proactive resilience programs, and less reliance on 3rd party vendors.

Mitigate Risk and
Improve Safety

Locusview improves utility infrastructure construction operations by enhancing safety, visibility, and regulatory compliance. It also streamlines best practices, shortens time-to-locate, and improves operational efficiency, resulting in better safety, customer satisfaction, and first-time-fix rates.

Improve Network Resilience and Reliability

Utilities can improve by addressing reliability, grid hardening, resiliency, and accuracy/timeliness of Systems of Record. This will lead to higher satisfaction, reduced penalties, and support for DER and grid modernization targets to meet growing demand.

Usability Made Simple

Field-User-First, Not Just a Slogan

Our construction-focused workflows have undergone rigorous testing and validation by numerous tier-1 utility crews, solidifying their effectiveness and reliability. Locusview has actively collaborated with construction crews to gain invaluable insights into field workers' daily activities and workflows. This collaborative effort has culminated in the development of our unique "field-user-first" philosophy. By prioritizing the needs of field workers, we have successfully crafted a user interface tailored specifically for construction fieldwork, resulting in profound enhancements in efficiency and productivity for both on-site operations and back-office tasks. Our innovative approach empowers the individual closest to the installation details, enabling them to capture a wealth of data with minimal time and effort investment.

Field Solutions
One Turnkey Solution

Dramatically Lower Total Cost of Ownership

At Locusview, we understand that time and resources are valuable, so we offer a unique Turnkey Solution package that simplifies and unifies the process for external contractors and internal crews. Utility companies can rest assured they have a single point of accountability, reducing the overall cost of ownership and giving them peace of mind. No need to worry about hardware or software breakdowns as we manage, fix, and maintain everything. This saves valuable time and drastically reduces repurchasing costs so companies can focus on what they do best while we handle the rest.

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Best-in-Class Workflows

Experience is Worth its Weight in Gold

Our years of experience and dedication to staying up-to-date with the latest technological innovations and regulatory guidelines enable us to provide best-in-class workflows that ensure an excellent product. We conduct quarterly customer advisory board meetings to hear insights and requests for product enhancements. We then synergize this information with our internal research and insights from industry conferences to generate over 70 product enhancements annually, with a total R&D investment of $45m in 2022 alone. 

Working with over 40 + utilities has given us a unique bird's eye view of the industry, so we understand the challenges and demands they face. Choosing Locusview will not only solve current challenges but will also keep any utility company ahead of the curve.

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Flexible and Personalized

Tailored to Any Need

In today's fast-paced world, agility is essential. The dominant approach is to use configurable platforms, allowing for faster changes to data collections and workflows with a fast time-to-value and no code writing. Hard-coded solutions take a significant amount of time to configure a new form or asset, but with Locusview this time is dramatically reduced to ensure efficient and speedy project completion.

Locusview Self-Sufficiency