Digital As-Builting

Replacing Paper-Based As-Builts With Digital Workflows

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A Game-Changing Solution

Managing paper as-built drawings presents significant challenges for utility construction operations, including the risk of loss or damage, as well as difficulties in sharing and keeping track of the latest version. That's why many companies are now switching to digital as-builts, which offer a range of benefits. By utilizing digital tools, construction teams can provide real-time updates, reduce errors, and improve stakeholder communication. With our cutting-edge construction management software, we provide a seamless solution to record and update as-builts, track changes, and share information. Our digital solutions streamline construction operations, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.

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Utility Construction Management

DCM - The Ultimate Solution

Looking to streamline utility construction management, increase productivity, digitize workflows, and enhance safety? DCM is the ultimate solution!

Data Sources

Connect diverse systems for a complete view of construction projects


Optimize utility construction with enhanced coordination and efficiency


Make data-driven decisions optimizing financial and resource allocation

Promote Operational Governance

Enhanced data management with compliance-driven validations and streamlined workflows


Back-Office and field users use real-time data-sharing to stay in sync
Digital Workflows

Future-Ready Solutions: Embrace Digital As-Builts

Our digital as-builts solution can help utility companies streamline their construction process by providing a faster, more efficient way to create, update, and share as-builts. With real-time updates and easy accessibility to the most up-to-date information, teams can save time and costs associated with manual processes and handoffs. Guided workflows in the field, seamless handoffs, and notifications increase data quality and stakeholder collaboration to reduce costs by minimizing errors, rework, and delays. The digital breadcrumbs created by our solution also ensures regulatory compliance by providing a reliable and auditable record of construction activities.

Crew Benefits Explained
Reducing Risk

Construction Management Made Smarter

Locusview’s real-time updates to systems of record eliminates close out delays, reducing the risk of a foreign line crossing and increasing the effectiveness of emergency responders. Our Digital Construction Management platform provides construction project visibility to the back-office by allowing users to respond immediately to design changes in the field to avoid rework and delays after the work is completed. Our solution helps our customers seamlessly communicate between multiple stakeholders, from the field to the office, so they always have the most up-to-date information.

As-Builting to DCM