Empowering The Engineering Process with Locusview Digital Construction Management

GIS Accuracy

Overcoming Engineering Challenges With Real-Time GIS Data

Utility companies can enhance their engineering processes with Locusview, ensuring robust and up-to-date GIS data in designs. Outdated or incomplete GIS information leads to errors, delays, and compromised project quality. Our game-changing Digital Construction Management platform automates the digitization of as-built data, ensuring accurate and current GIS. No more outdated information and manual updates for GIS, WMS, and Systems of Record. With Locusview, real-time updates and notifications keep companies informed of Work Order progress and empower them to make data-driven decisions. Integrating Locusview enables the timely delivery of high-quality designs with access to up-to-date GIS. With the implementation of advanced engineering systems like ADMS, DMS, and OMS, the need for extensive asset data attribution is expanding exponentially, and the manual data collection processes will not support these new data-hungry systems. DCM is designed to support the robust and high-fidelity data capture needs of these advanced engineering tools.

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Work Order Package

Driving Engineering Efficiency With Seamless Work Package Integration

Our platform is designed to seamlessly integrate designs into work order packages and facilitate efficient handoffs to the field. With Locusview, the creation of digital work orders is automatic, leveraging data from enterprise systems such as WMS, EAM, GWD, and GIS. This ensures that all relevant information, including bill of materials, designs, existing infrastructure, permits, and company standards, is consolidated in one place. No more manual printing, collation, and physical handoffs. Our platform enables the auto distribution of work orders directly to mobile devices, providing field crews with instant access to job details in a user-friendly format. By streamlining work package integration and handoffs, we empower utilities to focus on driving their engineering projects forward. 

Field Crew Solutions
Design Validation

Efficient Design Validation for Enhanced Project Outcomes

The time has come to experience streamlined design validation and improved project outcomes with Locusview's advanced Digital Construction Management platform. Seamlessly integrating with utility GIS/WMS apps, Locusview leverages digital work order data to provide comprehensive CU's and GWD data, ensuring accurate and validated designs. As the field crew completes tasks as designed, our platform validates and confirms the data, guaranteeing alignment and accuracy. With our programmatic approach, field changes are automatically updated in CU's and GWD, eliminating manual adjustments. The updated as-built data is swiftly passed onto GIS and WMS for final processing, reducing validation time from months to days or  even hours. This results in a dramatically reduced time to ‘accounting close’ the work order and begin to recover these costs through the Utilities rate structure. Embracing Locusview's solution to streamline design validation means utility companies can stay on schedule and deliver exceptional engineering projects.

Data Quality Matters
Project Close Out

Accelerating Project Close Out and Empowering Engineers

Our advanced Digital Construction Management platform is designed to simplify and expedite the close out process, providing significant benefits. With Locusview, utility companies can bid farewell to paper backlogs and linear workflows that hinder progress. Our platform facilitates streamlined communication between designers, accountants, and managers, ensuring seamless tracking of project milestones. By automating the update of work management systems with material, accounting and labor items, Locusview simplifies the close out process, saving engineers valuable time. Companies who use our services experience faster project close outs, reduced administrative burdens, and increased efficiency.

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