From Dependency to Independence: The Configuration Module

The Configuration Module

Unleashing the Power of Self-Configuration

The Configuration module is a critical component of Locusview’s Digital Construction Management platform that empowers organizations with self-sufficiency. It allows IT admin users to configure their system, providing the autonomy to control how data such as work orders, forms, and assets are structured and collected in both mobile and web platforms. It also enables the configuration of business logic components such as alerts, workflows, integrations, and report records. This module holds immense value in granting organizations greater control over their software, reducing reliance on external expertise, and fostering independence in managing and customizing their software solutions.

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Dependency Challenges

The Pain of Dependency and Limited Customization

Without self-configuration capabilities, organizations are often painfully dependent on software vendors or consultants for any system customization or modification. This reliance results in delays, increased costs, and limits the ability to align the software precisely with unique business processes and requirements, especially as they evolve over time. The lack of self-sufficiency causes frustration among IT admin users and hinders organizations' ability to respond to evolving needs.

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Boosting Efficiency

What Makes Self-Sufficiency So Important?

Self-sufficiency in the configuration module brings significant value to organizations resulting in faster response times and streamlined change management. Organizations can accelerate innovation and enhance overall responsiveness by empowering IT admin users to make configuration changes independently. The ability to configure and test without relying on the availability of external operations resources allows for faster changes and time to value. Additionally, self-sufficiency in configuration leads to cost savings by avoiding expenses related to a vendor or 3rd party effort and leveraging the organization's own resources effectively for configuration tasks.

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Configuration Module Capabilities

Powerful Configuration and Integration

The configuration module equips organizations with powerful capabilities to customize their software solutions. It provides a user-friendly interface that allows IT admin users, including certified professionals, to modify settings, workflows, and business logic according to their specific requirements. This flexibility enables organizations to align the software with their unique business processes, reducing the need for cumbersome workarounds or manual adjustments. The configuration module offers guided admin workflows and comprehensive documentation, facilitating ease of use and empowering IT admin users to make changes confidently.

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Self-Service & Support

Knowledge is Power

We believe in putting learning in the hands of our users. That's why we offer Locusview University, our comprehensive training portal. Locusview University provides a wide array of tools and resources to help users learn and maximize the value of our technology. Users can explore various learning materials through a single point of access, including tutorials, videos, and interactive modules. This self-service approach allows users to learn at their own pace, gaining a deep understanding of our technology and its capabilities. With Locusview University, we empower our users to become self-sufficient in utilizing our technology effectively and efficiently.

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Self-Learning, Knowledge Base

Knowledge at Your Fingertips

Our commitment to empowering users extends to our customer support services. We provide My Locusview, a comprehensive knowledge base that enables users to find answers to common questions independently. This knowledge base is a valuable self-learning and troubleshooting resource, reducing reliance on our support services. Users can access the knowledge base anytime and anywhere, finding the information they need at their fingertips. By facilitating self-learning and documentation, we empower our users to resolve issues quickly and efficiently, promoting self-sufficiency and enhancing their overall experience with our technology.

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