Tracking & Traceability

Advanced Solution for Material Tracking and Traceability

Material Tracking

20% Less Time in The Field

Our tracking and traceability solution saves construction crews 20% work time by streamlining data collection activities required for compliance. This includes capturing detailed records of abandoned, installed, or removed materials, manufacture details, pressure test results, OQ records, and asset locations.

Data collection is simplified and made more efficient by eliminating duplicate data entry, manual dimensioning and annotations, and manual recording of installation information and asset location. This results in significant time savings for crews, allowing them to focus on other critical tasks while ensuring accurate and up-to-date material tracking and traceability.

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Utility Construction Management

DCM - The Ultimate Solution

Looking to streamline utility construction management, increase productivity, digitize workflows, and enhance safety? DCM is the ultimate solution!

Data Sources

Connect diverse systems for a complete view of construction projects


Optimize utility construction with enhanced coordination and efficiency


Make data-driven decisions optimizing financial and resource allocation

Promote Operational Governance

Enhanced data management with compliance-driven validations and streamlined workflows


Back-Office and field users use real-time data-sharing to stay in sync
Compliance Requirements

Efficient Material Tracking & Traceability

Material tracking and traceability is a critical component of safe, compliant, and efficient operations in the utility industry as outlined by PSMS program. Complex regulatory requirements and a constant focus on safety make it essential for utility companies to have complete visibility into the materials they use and their lifecycle. Our Digital Construction Management solution offers unparalleled visibility  materials, while reducing impact on the field workers by decoding industry barcodes (e.g. ASTM F2917) where available and eliminating duplicate data entry by stakeholders reviewing and contributing to the same work order record.  Utilities can easily meet compliance requirements while achieving operational efficiencies by automatically collecting data via sensors and recording installation information and asset location.

Here’s How
Regulatory Compliance

Eliminating Compliance Penalties

Our tracking and traceability solution was built specifically for utility companies and utilizes barcode scanners to attach material attributes, smart form data to GPS locations for a complete record of installed assets, a digital twin. Our solution eliminates duplicate data entry  and annotations for more efficient data collection.  We provide complete visibility of materials, significantly reducing compliance-related penalties and ensuring safe and efficient operations for utilities. This helps utilities meet regulatory requirements like PHMSA 49 CFR 192 and achieve operational efficiencies faster and with fewer resources than ever.

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GIS Data

Reduce Manual GIS Data Entry by 90%

Our solution provides spatial and material GIS data automatically into the GIS system in the correct schema, greatly reducing the amount of time it takes when compared to manually creating records from paper or PDF redlines. Due to the field validations, and supervisor review, GIS editors work off high-quality and complete data which rarely requires corrections, allowing them to simply connect newly created data with existing infrastructure. Additionally we provides real-time notification to GIS Editors when fieldwork is completed, enabling them to easily search and begin work on submitted work orders.

GIS Teams