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Locusview's DCM: Unleashing the Power of Connected Data for Utility Construction

Energy Digital Transformation

Transforming Utility Construction with Integrated Digital Workflows

Locusview's Digital Construction Management (DCM) is a transformative solution that creates a seamless digital thread throughout utility construction operations. By integrating with essential systems like WMS, GIS, GWD, and EAM, Locusview enables utilities to unlock the full value of connected data. This digital thread ensures real-time access to accurate information, optimizing workflows and enabling informed decision-making at every stage of the construction process. From planning to execution to project closeout, Locusview's integrations provide a holistic view of data, enabling enhanced collaboration, streamlined operations, and improved project outcomes. With a unified and efficient platform, utilities can achieve operational excellence, mitigate risks, protect profits, and drive overall efficiency in their construction operations.

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Asset Capitalization

Accelerating Asset Capitalization

Locusview empowers IT teams to capitalize on assets in a timely manner by streamlining asset management processes and providing real-time insights. With Locusview's digital construction management platform, IT professionals can accurately track and document the usage of labor and materials during construction projects, eliminating manual and error-prone processes. The system automatically accounts for consumed, lost, returned, and unaccounted materials, ensuring accurate and reliable data for financial reporting. Field crews can capture as-built data directly within the platform, eliminating the need for separate summaries. By automating labor and material quantity updates in the system, Locusview eliminates the need for manual data entry, reducing administrative burdens and improving overall efficiency. This allows IT teams to have a single source of truth for asset information, facilitating better decision-making and enabling a timely understanding of the true value of assets. With Locusview, IT professionals can capitalize on assets more efficiently, supporting the financial health of the company.

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Total Asset Value

Boost Financial Health: Enhance Accuracy of Asset Values

Locusview plays a crucial role in assisting the IT departments in increasing the accuracy of Systems of Record (SOR) within utilities. By providing a comprehensive Digital Construction Management platform, Locusview enables the seamless integration of essential systems such as WMS, GIS, and EAM with SOR. This integration ensures that the data reflected in the SOR is up-to-date and accurate, allowing IT to have a clear understanding of the true total value of assets. By having reliable asset information readily available, the IT department can assess the financial health of the company more effectively. This, in turn, enables informed decision-making, optimal capitalization on assets, and accurate tax calculations. Locusview's capability to streamline data capture and provide a single source of truth enhances the financial visibility and overall operational efficiency of the utility company.

Integrations Solutions
Software Implementation

Seamless Implementation & Strong User Adoption

Locusview's services are specifically designed to support IT professionals in implementing the platform smoothly and ensuring strong user adoption. Our expertise in system implementation allows for the seamless integration of Locusview into existing IT infrastructure. Through tailored implementation plans, Locusview guides IT, Operations, and Field Crews through each step of the process, addressing their unique requirements and concerns. We provide comprehensive training programs that empower Locusview users with the necessary skills and knowledge to fully utilize Locusview features. With a user-friendly interface and intuitive functionality, Locusview facilitates a quick and easy transition for all users. Ongoing technical assistance and responsive customer support further enhance the implementation experience, resolving any issues and ensuring a successful rollout. Locusview's commitment to a smooth implementation process ensures that IT teams can effectively harness Locusview’s capabilities and drive maximum value for their organization.

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