Our Story

Our Vision

To empower energy companies to scale construction operations and optimize their capital investments.

Our Mission

To provide an enterprise-scale Digital Construction Management platform to energy infrastructure operators to scale capital projects by automating the capture of high-precision data in real-time in the field to provide visibility, automate close out, and bridge the gap between design and systems of record.

Our Story

Locusview was established in 2014 through a collaborative effort with the American Energy Technology Institute (GTI) & Industry-Funded R&D to develop solutions to address material traceability requirements. What began as an initiative to automate as-builting with barcode scanning and GPS has evolved into a full Digital Construction Management solution for Gas and Electric utilities that streamlines the entire construction process from planning to close out.

Over 30 of the largest Tier-1 investor-owned utilities (IOU) in the US and more than 180 contractor companies, have been leveraging our technology to manage more than 300,000 energy construction projects with a total worth of $15 billion in capital during 2022. 

At Locusview, we strive to deliver tangible benefits to our clients. By leveraging our solution, utilities and contractors can reduce risk through improved data quality, accelerate project close out cycle times, and gain real-time visibility into construction operations. With our technology, our clients have the tools to enhance efficiency, streamline workflows, and drive success in builting the world’s energy infrastructure.

Shahar Levi

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Alicia Farag

Co-Founder and President

Michael Levi

Chief Technology Officer

Guy Blum

Chief Financial Officer

Gilad Brand

VP of Product

Chuck Lang

Senior VP, Global Sales

Danny Petrecca

VP of Business Development

Ayelet Gavish

CHRO & Corporate Strategy