Natural Gas Utilities

Achieving Operational Excellence

Construction Efficiency

Track, Trace, and Triumph

Reliance on paper-based as-built processes in natural gas utilities construction operations hinders tracking and traceability, leading to inefficiencies, delays, and potential errors. Manual data entry increases the risk of inaccuracies, poor contractor communication, impacting compliance and project management. At Locusview, our Digital Construction Management (DCM) platform solves these challenges by automating data capture, eliminating manual entry, and streamlining the tracking and traceability of information. With real-time data capture and seamless integration, our DCM platform ensures regulatory compliance, operational efficiency, and improved project management. 

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Unleashing Efficiency

Locusview simplifies the work package creation and distribution process by automating the generation of digital work orders. It collects job information from various enterprise systems such as WMS, AMS, GWD, and GIS, eliminating manual transcription and collation. Field users and construction stakeholders can access all relevant job details in one digital location, reducing reliance on others and multiple system searches. Locusview significantly improves efficiency by reducing clerical support time by 35% and decreasing the time contractor supervisors spend on job packet preparation by 10%.

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Compliance-Driven Solutions

During the construction phase, Locusview offers invaluable advantages for natural gas utilities. The platform is specifically designed to address the unique needs and challenges faced by these utilities. It facilitates seamless construction operations by streamlining work package creation, data collection, and deliverable submission. Locusview ensures compliance with regulatory requirements, such as RTVC (Record, Test, and Verify Compliance), by automating the generation of digital work orders and capturing comprehensive records of materials, pressure tests, OQ (Operator Qualification) records, and asset locations. It simplifies as-built procedures, eliminating manual sketching and annotation through the use of accurate digital as-builts with GPS positioning. Locusview also enables efficient collection of material traceability information and provides crews with centralized access to all relevant job details. With its comprehensive capabilities, Locusview empowers natural gas utilities to enhance operational efficiency, save time, and maintain accurate data throughout the construction process.

Field Crews Solution

Construction Project Close Out

Error-Free Automation

During project close out, Locusview simplifies material and labor reconciliation, automates documentation, and compares planned versus actual quantities. This eliminates errors, ensures a reliable Single Source of Truth (SSOT), and boosts investor confidence. Locusview streamlines invoice processing, translating as-built data into utility format and enabling real-time transparency between the field and back-office. This reduces processing time, improves jobsite transparency, and prevents overspending. Our Digital Construction Management platform minimizes rework by performing necessary checks and identifying operational gaps in real-time, reducing costs significantly.

GIS Solutions

Construction Financial Management

Eliminating Paper Backlog

Locusview improves project and financial management through streamlined communication, process automation, and real-time data integration using our Digital Construction Management solution, LocusviewBUILD. The mobile and web application reduces project close out time, accelerating the transition to updated accounting systems. LocusviewBUILD eliminates paper backlogs and linear workflows, ensuring efficient unitization and minimizing delays. It enhances safety and regulatory compliance with real-time operational awareness, accurate asset location data, and automated qualification checks. LocusviewBUILD also optimizes project portfolio management with progress calculations, status tracking, and interactive dashboards for proactive planning and resource allocation. The application also increases workforce productivity by improving workload management, facilitating technology adoption, and attracting new talents to the construction industry.

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Digital Workflows

Working Smarter, Not Harder

Locusview offers a comprehensive solution for managing construction work from planning through execution to close out. By validating work against the design in real-time and ensuring data is collected correctly and efficiently, close out time is dramatically reduced, and utilities gain operational efficiency. Our solution allows companies to proactively and safely manage construction work while increasing productivity and driving efficiency. Our unique technology is designed with a field-user-first approach and a user-friendly interface, capturing critical data in the field and creating a single source of truth that serves the entire enterprise.

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