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Discovering the Power of Locusview Services for Utilities

Comprehensive Support

Streamlining Utility Operations with Locusview's Comprehensive Services

At Locusview, we understand the unique challenges faced by utilities in managing their operations effectively while complying with industry regulations. That's why we offer comprehensive services tailored to meet utility companies’ specific needs. Our services are designed to streamline processes, enhance productivity, and ensure seamless integration of digital field implementation into existing workflows.

Implementation Services

Learn from the Best

Our Solution Architects and Program Managers bring a wealth of industry experience to ensure a seamless implementation of our solutions. With their vast knowledge, they bring invaluable lessons learned and best practices from years of utility and field implementation knowledge. Working closely with utility companies, our experts ensure that the configuration aligns perfectly with the company standards and industry regulations. With their expertise guiding the way, utility companies can have peace of mind knowing that their implementation will be smooth, efficient, and tailored precisely to their specific requirements.

Product Adoption

Embrace Change
With Confidence

Significant workflow changes can be challenging for any utility company’s personnel. That's why our Product Adoption team focuses on end-to-end training, contractor engagement, and change management. We provide comprehensive support to contractors and utility personnel, ensuring a seamless transition and empowering them to embrace the new workflow changes confidently.

Support Services

Keeping Your Crews Up and Running

When it comes to your operations, downtime is not an option. Our Support Services are designed to provide you with the necessary tools to keep your crews up and running efficiently. With access to self-service online support, emergency help desk assistance, and expedited hardware replacement, you can rely on us to resolve any issues promptly and minimize disruptions.

Customer Success

A Partnership
for Success

We believe in maintaining a strong partnership throughout our customer relationships. Our Customer Success team ensures that we work closely with you to understand your evolving needs and communicate how our new features and functionality can benefit you. Together, we can optimize your operations and drive continuous improvement.

Turnkey Services

Simplifying Utility Operations With Locusview's Turnkey Services

Experience streamlined efficiency in utility operations with Locusview's Turnkey Services Program. Our comprehensive package combines rugged equipment, advanced GPS technology, essential software licenses, and reliable managed services to optimize workflows and drive productivity. With our Turnkey Services Program, utility companies can easily bundle all the necessary tools and support, eliminating the need for separate sourcing and coordination. From rugged devices to software licenses and managed services, Locusview's Turnkey Services Program provides a seamless and integrated solution that empowers utility operations and simplifies their path to success.

Hardware Services

Enhance Field Operations with Reliable Devices and Software Solutions

Equip field teams with rugged devices like the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3 and the Zebra Barcode Scanner, ensuring durability and accurate data collection in challenging environments. Increase precision and mapping accuracy with the Arrow Gold GPS, integrated with RTK technology, for unparalleled data reliability and asset management. With Locusview's Turnkey Program, utility companies can access essential software licenses, including mobile software and Office Viewer licenses, facilitating seamless collaboration and data sharing across their organization. Additionally, our flexible approach allows customers to bring their own devices, providing the freedom to work with familiar equipment while still benefiting from our comprehensive software solutions and support services. Experience the power of reliable devices and software solutions with Locusview's Services, empowering field operations and optimizing utility workflows.

Field Solutions
Managed Services

Uninterrupted Support and Enhanced Efficiency

Enjoy peace of mind with managed services such as 24-hour replacement service, data plans, mobile device management, and 24/7 help desk support. Our dedicated support ensures uninterrupted operations, while RTK maintenance guarantees accurate and reliable data for the company’s needs. Simplify the utility processes, enhance productivity, and unlock the efficiency of a fully integrated solution with Locusview's Turnkey Services Program. Experience the value of having all the essential tools and services bundled together, enabling smoother operations, improved decision-making, and seamless collaboration. 

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