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Streamlining Electric Infrastructure Construction Projects

Electric Digital As-Buliting

Transforming Electric Construction Management

Locusview revolutionizes the electric utility industry with its Digital Construction Management platform, tackling crucial challenges related to high-fidelity data, mapping backlog, and timely Systems of Record (SOR) updates. By integrating enterprise technologies like WMS, GWD, and CU, Locusview optimizes traditional digital as-builting processes, aligning with the industry's increased focus on infrastructure builds, undergrounding programs, and grid modernization. The data collected within Locusview fuels GIS and ADMS, empowering utilities to enhance network resilience, make informed decisions, and streamline operations. Despite resource limitations and paper-driven inefficiencies, Locusview enables utilities to capture precise data, providing accurate information to fuel GIS and ADMS for improved network management. By minimizing mapping backlog, utilities can maintain precise asset records, boost system performance, ensure regulatory compliance, and accelerate infrastructure development and grid modernization initiatives. Locusview empowers electric utilities to drive progress and efficiency in the digital era.

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Pre Construction

Streamlined Work Order Packet Creation and Field Handoff

Manual processes for collecting job information from various systems, printing documents, and physically delivering packets are time-consuming and prone to errors. Locusview revolutionizes this workflow by automatically generating digital work orders based on WMS, EAM, GWD, and GIS data. All the necessary information, including bill of materials, designs, infrastructure details, permits, and company standards, is consolidated in a single digital location. No more manual collation and physical handoffs - work orders are distributed directly to field crews' mobile devices, providing instant access to comprehensive job details in a user-friendly format. With Locusview, utility companies can achieve a remarkable 35% reduction in clerical support time, allowing teams to allocate resources more effectively.

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Empowering Field Workers and Contractors for Efficient Data Collection

Locusview revolutionizes data collection with a single mobile app for field workers and contractors. Capture high-fidelity construction data, eliminating manual entry and ensuring real-time visibility. Automated comparisons and seamless redline translations avoid errors. Barcode scanning captures manufacturer details effortlessly, while validations ensure accurate data collection. Field workers save 20% on self-survey time, reducing redundancies and material errors. Real-time visibility informs operational decision-making, while ADMS integration enhances investment planning. Locusview empowers efficient data collection, boosting productivity and enabling smarter decisions.

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Post Construction

Streamlining Project Close Out for Efficient Construction

Locusview is designed to expedite project close out and transform construction management processes. By seamlessly integrating GIS, WMS, and EAM data, Locusview significantly reduces the time and effort required for project close out. Through automated processes for materials reconciliation, CU translation, and real-time EAM data updates, errors are minimized, manual tasks are eliminated, and cost efficiency is improved, instilling investor confidence. With streamlined communication and progress-tracking capabilities, designers, accountants, and managers stay well-informed and collaborate efficiently. Locusview's integrated approach minimizes friction and maximizes efficiency by providing timely updates on facility utilization and key status integration with back-office systems. This results in remarkable reductions in project close out time, leading to cost savings, improved cash flow, and faster CWIP funds recovery.


Modernize Electric Utility Construction

Embedding Best Practices

In order to remain competitive in the electric utility industry, companies need to modernize their construction process, switch to digital workflows and embrace advanced technologies. With Locusview's Digital Construction Management solutions, companies can easily embed best practices into the organization, attract the next generation of the workforce, and ensure a robust load-growth analysis. Our platform integrates seamlessly with GIS, WMS, EAM, and ADMS and offers high-accuracy GPS, barcode scanners, and cameras to ensure the most accurate data.

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Supply Chain and Asset Traceability Program (SCATE)

Developing Industry Standards

To accelerate the transition towards clean energy and create a more efficient and reliable electric grid, we are launching the Supply Chain and Asset Traceability for Electric (SCATE) program. This program is designed to develop industry standards and supporting technology for Smart Tags and a Digital Thread that links data from design through decommissioning for electric grid assets. The goal is to enable manufacturers to apply a Smart Tag that links the physical asset to its Digital Thread, which will include critical attributes such as country of origin, manufacturer, serial number, ratings, size, embedded software, constituent materials, and links to other datasets and documents. Any user along the supply chain can scan the Smart Tag, retrieve traceability data in a standardized format, and perform real-time validation. This will create high-fidelity datasets for analytics, asset management, and compliance. With the support of EPRI and utilities such as AEP and Southern Company, SCATE aims to deliver a whitepaper that defines the use cases, critical assets, and attribute data models for SCATE.

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