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Redefining Utility Construction Efficiency

Utility Construction

Optimizing Construction Workflow

Locusview is the ultimate solution for addressing operational pains. With our out-of-the-box integrations to all critical Systems of Records (SORs), such as GIS, Asset Management, Work Management, and GWD, Locusview ensures a complete digital job packet, eliminating backlogs and mapping bottlenecks. By providing continuous validation and reconciliation throughout the construction process, Locusview guarantees accurate and consistent data, minimizing rework rates and ensuring projects stay on track. Our intuitive and user-friendly persona-based workflows, coupled with robust validations, result in high adoption rates and error-free data collection from the outset. Locusview offers real-time visibility into key activities, statuses, and progress, enabling optimal resource allocation and fostering seamless collaboration across all stakeholders. With Locusview, operations are streamlined, miscommunications are minimized, and productivity soars to new heights.

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Increase Safety

Enhance Safety Compliance With Operational Support

Locusview empowers operations to effectively uphold safety protocols by providing robust support and tools. With Locusview's Digital Construction Management platform, companies can ensure compliance with safety regulations and minimize risks in their construction operations. By integrating safety checks and in-field procedures into every workflow, Locusview ensures that safety measures are seamlessly incorporated throughout the entire project lifecycle. Real-time notifications of critical field events enable proactive risk management, enabling quick responses and preventing potential safety incidents. Locusview's comprehensive digital records and standardized reports of all construction work further contribute to enhanced safety compliance. With Locusview, operations can maintain a strong safety culture and prioritize the well-being of their workforce and project stakeholders.

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Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance Made Easy

Locusview provides extensive support to help operations meet regulatory requirements effectively. By integrating regulatory compliance measures and best practices into its operational solutions, Locusview ensures that companies can adhere to industry regulations and standards. The platform offers industry-focused workflows, real-time validations, and in-field procedures that are aligned with regulatory requirements. Locusview's intuitive and user-friendly interface makes it easy for field crews to collect and track the necessary data and documentation required for compliance. Additionally, Locusview's comprehensive digital records and standardized reports enable companies to demonstrate their compliance and easily provide the documentation needed for audits or regulatory submissions. With Locusview, operations can confidently navigate regulatory landscapes and ensure they meet the necessary requirements.

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Budget Management

Increased Budget Control

Locusview transforms budget management for operations, providing real-time visibility into project costs and empowering teams to effectively track expenses, analyze budget utilization, and make informed decisions. With automated cost-tracking processes and accurate data, Locusview ensures projects stay within budget, minimizing financial risks and maximizing operational efficiency. By seamlessly integrating with financial systems, the platform streamlines budgeting, eliminates manual data entry, and centralizes financial data for comprehensive reporting. Operations can proactively manage budget constraints, optimize resource allocation, and identify cost-saving opportunities, enabling timely decision-making and ensuring projects align with strategic goals. Locusview's advanced budget management capabilities drive financial performance, enabling successful project delivery within budgetary constraints.

Reduce Costs
Cost Savings

Minimize Rework, Maximize Efficiency

Locusview empowers operations teams to reduce high rework rates and enhance data accuracy, resulting in significant cost savings and improved project outcomes. With Locusview's comprehensive solution, field data is pre-validated in real-time, ensuring that all necessary checks are performed based on predefined business standards and regulatory requirements. By identifying operational gaps during active construction, potential issues can be addressed promptly, minimizing the failure rate of assets. The system enables seamless collaboration between field crews and back-office support staff, eliminating delays in identifying and resolving rework. With Locusview, operations benefit from a remarkable 90% reduction in rework rate, translating into substantial direct and indirect cost savings across various aspects such as dig-ups, supervision, resourcing, administration, and more.

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Operational Efficiency

Streamlining Project Portfolio Management for Efficient Operations

Locusview empowers operations with streamlined Project Portfolio Management (PPM) to maximize organizational performance. By eliminating manual processes and decentralized spreadsheets, Locusview provides real-time project progress updates and accurate status tracking. Through interactive dashboards and centralized communication, project managers and stakeholders have visibility into at-risk projects, enabling proactive decision-making and efficient resource allocation. With Locusview, planning meetings are focused on strategic discussions rather than reporting updates, saving time and increasing productivity. Operations teams can compare upcoming work and current projects to ensure a stable pipeline and optimize resource efficiency. Locusview revolutionizes PPM, driving efficiency and keeping projects on track.

Boost Productivity
"Some survey companies are reluctant to split a traditional 2-man survey crew, Locusview enables us to collect data with one individual that is onsite already."

Zack Chancellor

Senior Project Manager, VPI Charge

"Without the use of Locusview technology, PECO would be hard pressed to meet the requirements of the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commision for updating infrastructure maps. The technology has given PECO the means to build a platform for electronic as-building which will improve work efficiency, ensure data quality and allow for future innovations."

Bob Ridgeway

Senior Engineer, PECO

"The decision to move to Locusview in 2017 was one of the best company initiatives we have completed, this has enhanced our workflow along with data collection on new and existing assets."

Mel Ciulla

Manager - Gas Distribution Operations, Unitil

"We set specific requirements and key tasks that needed to be done in a specific way. Locusview's R&D team met all of our requirements. The system is adaptable to the customer's needs, including real-time data on our assets. If there are any issues, they come to me directly saving us both time and cost."

H.R. Dash

Deputy GM Projects (Pipelines), BPCL

"Working with our Alliance Partner NPL, Washington Gas has been able to leverage the Tracking and Traceability technology we developed with Locusview to record near real-time data on plastic pipe and fitting installations as they occur in the field. The Tracking and Traceability initiative helps Washington Gas improve pipeline safety through better documentation of our underground facilities."

Tracy Townsend

VP of Construction, Compliance and Safety, Washington Gas

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Jeremy Breit

Web Developer, Locusview

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