Go As You Grow With LocusviewEXPRESS

Industry Best Practices

Leveraging Pre-Built Templates

With LocusviewEXPRESS, utility companies can rapidly deploy a digital as-built solution, leveraging pre-built templates, industry best practices, and proven workflows to significantly reduce technology implementation time and cost. They can see immediate value and business improvements, enabling them to quickly get up and running in the field and back office. LocusviewEXPRESS may be considered the first phase of an optional full future implementation, giving them the flexibility to grow and expand as needed.

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LocusviewEXPRESS Benefits

Unlocking Immediate Value

By leveraging pre-defined mobile and office workflows based on industry best practices, utility companies can standardize their processes, reduce risk, and ensure quality results with LocusviewEXPRESS. The methodology delivers immediate value, enabling utility companies to reduce closeout time, reduce risk by improving their compliance, while also having a positive impact on the bottom line.

In addition to the positive business outcomes the solution provides a platform for growth and learning to set the stage for deeper integrations and further opportunities for automation. First phase implementations allow for ‘last mile’ changes to ensure that the solution meets a utilities specific needs. Future implementation phases expand into deeper integrations and higher levels of automation with enterprise systems, feeding them with real time - high fidelity data, maximizing their value proposition.

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 Key Value & Business Outcomes

Boosting The Bottom Line

Utility companies can harness the power of LocusviewEXPRESS to deliver significant value and business outcomes as they modernize their operations. By utilizing pre-built configurations, implementation time and cost can be significantly reduced, enabling organizations to get up and running quickly. Standardized workflows based on industry best practices help reduce risk and ensure quality results. The well-proven solution, already in use in the field and back office, empowers organizations to achieve desired outcomes quickly and with confidence. With LocusviewEXPRESS, companies can build upon their implementation and achieve their next value driver, such as automated material close out.

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Turnkey Service

Software, Hardware, and Support in One Platform

With LocusviewEXPRESS, like our other offerings, utility companies can benefit from our turn key package; a comprehensive solution that includes software, hardware, and support. The platform is designed to be easy to administer, with minimal implementation time. The platform can be tailored to specific needs through its last-mile configuration based on specific values and workflows. Integration with existing systems is simplified, reducing the need for client resource dependencies. LocusviewEXPRESS offers a turnkey solution that includes training and go-live support, ensuring utility companies have everything they need to achieve their desired outcomes quickly and efficiently.

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