Project Managers

Transforming Utility Project Management

Utility Project Management

Enhancing Project Manager Efficiency and Effectiveness

Project managers frequently encounter obstacles such as a lack of comprehensive project visibility, challenges in allocating resources effectively, and time-consuming manual procedures. These difficulties can impede their capacity to manage projects efficiently and adhere to deadlines and KPIs. Locusview enhances project managers' capabilities by providing comprehensive project portfolio visibility, enabling them to track progress and make data-driven decisions without the burden of duplicative manual data entry. It streamlines resource allocation processes, allowing project managers to assign and manage resources effectively, minimizing conflicts and maximizing efficiency. By automating manual procedures, Locusview reduces administrative burdens, freeing project managers' time to focus on strategic planning and ensuring projects are completed on time and within budget.

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Progress Tracking

Real-time Data for Project Portfolio Tracking

Locusview gives project managers real-time visibility into their portfolio of work during construction and close out so they can meet KPIs, identify outliers, and reallocate resources to meet their objectives.

Through our platform, project managers are able to spend more time doing and less time catching up. They are able to track progress, giving visibility for both themselves and their stakeholders into work in progress as it happens without relying on error-prone contractor estimates via phone calls, emails, or wading through piles of paper daily progress reports. With real-time visibility into their portfolio, they can drill into their portfolio of work to identify potential cost overages during construction by comparing designed vs. actuals and close out outliers before KPIs are missed. As conditions change in the field, they are able to maintain visibility to unblock stuck work and line up the next jobs for crews to maximize workforce utilization. 

Contractor Communication and Handoffs

Streamlined Collaboration for Efficient Construction Progress

Locusview significantly improves contractor communication through managed collaboration on construction progress, aligning field and office teams faster and allowing for more timely actions. Locusview’s Digital Construction Management platform facilitates continuous validation and reconciliation throughout the construction process, eliminating the need for extensive close out procedures and ensuring efficient handoffs between teams. With real-time updates and seamless information exchange, Locusview enhances communication between project managers and contractors, leading to improved project outcomes, reduced delays, and optimized resource allocation.

Field Work Solutions
Budgets and Invoicing

On Time, Under Budget, Minimal Complaints

Locusview significantly aids project managers in achieving their objective of completing projects on time and within budget while minimizing complaints from the city, local aldermen, and impacted customers. By providing comprehensive project visibility, Locusview enables project managers to closely monitor progress and make data-driven decisions. Through the integration of Compatible Units (CUs), which capture material quantities and labor data, project managers can effectively track resource allocation, identify potential delays, and ensure efficient project execution. By streamlining workflows and automating manual processes, Locusview reduces administrative burdens, mitigates errors, and enhances communication among stakeholders. This enhanced efficiency and transparency contribute to successful project outcomes, meeting deadlines, staying within budget, and maintaining a high level of satisfaction from all parties involved.

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